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Our Mission

Every year around half a million children are born with a rare genetic disease. 70% of all rare genetic disease patients are children. These diseases account for a significant number of illnesses and mortality in children. They result in 25% of pediatric hospital admissions.


FaceIA’s mission is to expedite and improve accuracy in the diagnostic process for rare genetic diseases in infants and children. We strive to ensure all of those affected by genetic diseases are diagnosed in a timely manner, so they receive the treatment they need when they need it.

Our Vision

Typically, patients with rare diseases undergo many different types of procedures and testing throughout their diagnostic journey. Biopsies, physical exams, psychological exams, genetic testing, cytogenetic testing... the list goes on. These tests and procedures are often uncomfortable and can be very costly.


FaceIA’s vision is to revolutionize the diagnosis of rare diseases by utilizing AI to assist physicians in providing the highest quality of care. 



FaceIA Logo V2.png

Our Technology

FACEIA uses artificial intelligence to reliably diagnose rare genetic diseases quickly through image analysis. Our technology uses facial analysis to detect characteristics of diseases that cause abnormalities in facial features. Our neural network automatically combines facial photos with the patient's personal data along with their genetic data.

Our App

The FaceIA app connects families and patients to those in similar situations in order to provide support and to help foster a sense of community. The app also scans for new information and research available on the specific disease that they are affected by to keep families and patients up to date and informed at all times.

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